The main objective of this project is to develop and test in laboratory conditions (TRL4) a graphene based spintronic device, which can be configured for magnetic field sensing and signal processing, whose concept (TRL2) was acquired through fundamental and experimental previous researches done by our teams.


Specific objectives which will lead to the general objective success and correlated with the outcome of the project are:
     O.1. Advanced modelling and layout design of graphene based spintronic test structures;
     O.2. Advanced micromagnetic simulation of the magnetic layers and spin injection/detection processes;
    O.3. Microfabrication experiments and characterization of graphene based spintronic test structures;
    O.4. Advanced layout design of the demonstration chip;
    O.5. Microfabrication of the demonstration chip and advanced characterization of the integratedstructures;
    O.6. System integration and development of the demonstration model;
    O.7. Complex characterizations and applications development;
    O.8. Patenting original results;
    O.9. Increasing visibility by results dissemination, starting new scientific collaborations and promoting the developed technologies for potential users;
    O.10. Improving the human resource quality involved in this project.