Scientific report

Activity Report 2022 - Stage

A scientific study on ”Modelling and layout design of spintronic structures on graphene” has been performed. This study focused on the following general aspects:
• Was made an intensive study on the state of the art on graphene-based spintronic structures and microfabrication processes;
• Advanced modelling of the transport phenomena in graphene and magnetic behaviour of the spintronic systems has been performed; the behaviour of the magnetic contacts and the magnetoresistance effect in graphene based spintronic system was intensively modelled and technical solutions were provided.
• A layout design for the graphene-based spintronic test chip has been provided. The idea of a high flexibility for applications development was taken into account in this design. 

Activity Report 2023 - Stage

The second stage entitled “Microfabrication experiments for characterizing spintronic structures on graphene” was focused mainly on the following aspects:
• Modelling, layout design and chip microfabrication experiments.
• Complex structural, electrical and magnetic characterizations of the graphene structures with magnetic layers.
• Studies were performed on structures with nanocrystalline graphite, vertical graphene (graphene nanowalls) and monolayer graphene.
• The electrical behaviour of Metal-Graphene and Metal-Oxide-Graphene contacts was emphasized.
• Micromagnetic simulations of the ferromagnetic contacts were performed which demonstrated a favourable behaviour for spin detection.  

 Published articles - ISI indexed articles

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Communication at international scientific conference

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